Sunday, January 10, 2010

This has been a hard book to finish for me. I have honestly say, this is my third attempt to read it and even that i have managed to slip in a couple of books to read in between.

It's a good book actually, regardless me having a hard time with it, but it is a good read. Interesting plot, but it doesn't really pull me in. Joanna is a pain in the ass and I like to smack Ellen half the time while reading it. The plot is of course mostly centered in infidelity and deception, not to forget a living house. I just wish it isn't too light, but what to do, since it's formated as a "journal" in the first place.

Book DescriptionBook Title: The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer: My Life at Rose Red
Author: Ellen Rimbauer
Pages: 277 pgs
Publisher: Hyperion (April 29, 2002) [Buy It]
Genre: Horror, Journal
ISBN: 0786890436 / 978-0786890439

Quote: She is calling upon the house, the "grand house," and requesting she be allowed through its doors, through its walls. In the midst of this chanting, she opens her eyes at half-mast and reaches out for the glass orb before her on the table. She looks different, not all all herself, younger perhaps, yet frozen in time. Again a great gust of cold fills the room and runs up my legs. That glass orb begins to glow -- I swear it! -- and the tendrils of light like a goo, climbs up out it and stretch for the ceiling. At once, the candles are extinguished by this wind, the only light from the swirling blue and green tendrils overhead and that glowing specimen of glass held between her withered hands. I think of my daughter.

Friday, January 1, 2010

I got this as a gift from a 2009 Librarything SantaThing. Jim Butcher happens to be my favorite author and The Dresden Files is one of my most favorite series. This is a Graphic Novel of the series and has a plot of it's own.

Harry Dresden, a wizard detective, is mixed up in a case where a murder takes place at the zoo, and the authorities could only figure out Moe, the gorilla, killed one of the people working in the zoo. Murphy thought otherwise, hooking Harry up in the case, and Harry confirms it. Harry Dresden, who needed the money for rent as well, scent some supernatural is going on. Can't say more or I spoiled the book for ya!

Bottomline, I've enjoyed the book thoroughly. It's a real page turner for me and the pages are full of brilliant colored graphic artwork. It's definitely a keeper for me.

Book DescriptionBook Title: Welcome to the Jungle (The Dresden Files)
Author: Jim Butcher
Pages: 160 pgs
Publisher: Del Rey/Dabel Brothers (October 14, 2008) [Buy It]
Genre: Graphic Novel, Mystery, Paranormal
ISBN: 0345507460 / 978-0345507464

Quote: Emma had never been in such a maelstrom of feelings. Blindfolded, seeing nothing, she could only feel, and that sense was highly intensified.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

This is a short read for a starter and quite hot for the ones who would like a Quickie for the day. I found this a look through looking for something quick to read and the cover was interesting enough for me to pick up.

Emma and Luke's baggage were accidentally switched bout and through their own quick lookie through each others baggage, they found some interesting insight on each others life. What seems to be a boring 3 days off station for Emma could be spent quite well and steamy indeed.

Book DescriptionBook Title: Switched
Author: Desire Holt
Publisher: Ellora's Cave Publishing [Buy It]
Genre: Erotica
ISBN: 9781419925078
MSRP/List Price: $8.90

Quote: Emma had never been in such a maelstrom of feelings. Blindfolded, seeing nothing, she could only feel, and that sense was highly intensified.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I am treating this blog as my masterlist of books I have read. I try to put in the list of books I have read throughout my life. Any linkouts would be link to their perspective reviews on my review blog.

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